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Be a Superhero in the life of people

I was seeing a song called "God Allah or Bhagwan from movie Krrish 3. I was listening to the lyrics of the song very closely, plus I was seeing song. A smile came on the face and a thought came in my mind why can't I be a superhero. I have all qualities of a superhero, so why I can't? But people don't know what is a superhero.

So let me explain to you what's a superhero.

1. A superhero is a friend of good people.

2. He cares, he helps and is present whenever he needs your help.

3. He fights for truth and never gives up.

4. People like to be around him as he gives them positive wives.

5. People are not afraid of him but be friendly with him. He is like by all.

6. Devils and bad people fear from him.

7. He is trusted by all.

What's not a superhero?

1. A superhero is not a person with magical power

2. A superhero is not which does not possess the above qualities.

We can all be the superhero of each other. Our parents are always our superheroes, but excluding them, we all can be superheroes of each one of us. But the thing is you need to be mentally prepared and you should have that spark, you should have a strong wish to be a superhero. Becoming a superhero is not easy. If you want to be a superhero you need to inculcate the above qualities. In the song, there is one line," God, Allah or Bhagwan ne Banaya ak Insan. In English, it means, God has created us a human being. But we don't understand the meaning of what's a human being. It means you are human, not animal.

An animal eats others for food.

Animals fight for survival.

They don't have brains to think and learn languages. They have their own language.

Animals do not have religion and if they had they would have fight for who is superpower religion in the animal kingdom.

But do you know what animals have turned human beings and us like animals? Nowadays, even animals cry or express their emotions of anger and love. They even fight for their house and that too in unity. They understand everything and get trained in some skills which we see in circuses. Animals have turned out to be loyal.

See us. See yourself in the mirror and question yourself are you a human being? Ask your soul and heart am I eligible to be a good human being. Superheroes are a good human being. Ask yourself what's stopping you from being a good human. And if your answer is "why I first" then my reply is "yes you first". I have used a line in one of the posts, "Be the part of the solution and not a problem." Be the one you want to see the world, automatically the world will be visible to you as you want.

Be a superhero, not a normal human because nowadays animals have turned human beings.
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