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Change your Thoughts now, please

Gone are those days where a girl used to wear burkha, Gone are those days where a girl and boy if found together, are not just friends but in relationships. Stop putting limitations now in this modern age.

I have seen it that if your relative or your parents found something like a photo on your profile picture or on stories of Instagram or status of WhatsApp, they ask to delete it. Why should that girl or boy delete that picture or video? And the reason given is, "Society will say a hundred things, they(society) will say blah blah and blah. It does not look nice. We feel shame." And this continues till be don't remove it. First, they will say we know you both are friends but finally, they will force us to remove the picture.

Why are you forgetting that you are also part of the same society? Instead of keeping today's youth in traditional thoughts, why don't you adopt to new thoughts that a boy and girl can be a friend also and it's okay to show it in whatever they want to? Did God give you the right to judge you on our relations and comment on it?

Nowadays a lot of communities, high standard people have changed their thoughts from tradition to modern once. Upgrade your thoughts now. We are in the 21st century not 18s or 19th century i.e your age. Support them and their thoughts or else there will be always a clash between your traditional thoughts and their modern thoughts. Your child is born in the 20th century, remember that. You are old that does not mean he or she should follow you. Let, he or she be an independent person of an independent society.

Instead, support them to make a good career and a good life.

God has said, all humans or animals on this earth, whether male or female, whether veg or non-veg, whether black or white, whether herbivorous or carnivorous, are equal in my eyes and deserve same justice in my court of law. He also said live with love with each other. If you heard stories of your God, you would see that God never said that a Girl or boy cant be together as friends, click pictures and show it. Then who gave you that right to put such limitations on your son or daughter?

You change your thoughts and you try to change your society's thought.

Change your thoughts, not their habits.


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