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Updated: May 15, 2022

Nita Ambani and Mukesh Ambani's family were actually very similar. So after marriage, surprisingly her values didn't change. They were having a family bond among themselves, happiness and a lot of caring and sharing. Nita Ambani comes from a joint Gujarati family. The family consist of 111 cousins all 37-year-old (2003). Hence they used to have 26 dinner tables. We wonder how they were bought up and how was their childhood, don't we? But they were bought up very happy and their childhood was wonderful and beautiful. There was a very close bond between each other in the family. They were caring and sharing. And all these were possible due to her maternal grandmother Subhadra. She was the pillar of the family. She was one to hold them together under one roof. Whereas the family of Mukesh Ambani family is described as Knit family. He had four children Anil, Mukesh, Dipti and Nina. Their father, Mr Dhirubhai Ambani those days used to spend an awful amount of time with them. Every Sunday, 100% devotion to the family. He always bought the best out of all the four of them. He was not a typical disciplinarian nor liberal types. He always focused on bringing the best out of them, giving them space, encouraging them. He wanted to stress the envelope. He was also a taskmaster. At 7:30 pm, he used to quiz Nita for every 30 minutes, that too alone. He used to quiz her on different topics like Share Market, Reliance, Politics, World Affairs. Every day she was forced to read up and has to prepare for the next day. After 8'o clock they used to have fun. But next day the questions would be entirely and she was totally stumped out.

On the other hand after marriage, Nita Ambani joined job for Rs. 800 per month where she used to teach nursey kids. Actually she had this passion for teaching, educating children and Mukesh Ambani encouraged to be the own person. After they had children she gave up everything and just focused on children and around that time Mukesh Ambani was working on a project in Jamnagar. This was around mid-90''s and the project was to bring 3000' families there and connect to the business ideology of Reliance. To make new business there was the challenge given by Mukesh Ambani to Nita Ambani. She had talents and that's what he wanted to bring out of her and she proved it.

There was one funny scene which Nita Ambani said on BBC in 2003. When she was teaching one of the parents of a child offered her free passed of Reliance World Cup 1987. But she rejected it. The parent was unaware of the fact that she was a daughter in law of Reliance. During the match, he saw her in President's stand and he went to her and asked shockingly that what she was doing here. A person came by and introduced her to him by saying that she is the wife of Mukesh Ambani. The face was worth seeing.

Ideology and thoughts of both of them:-

Mukesh Ambani has a commitment towards his father and that's was he is doing. The whole business is about making memories. Money is not all about wealth. It is about how you use the wealth. Both had put their legs in their father's shoes and made Reliance on a giant business.


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