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Danish way to live happily

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

You know, that Demark is the happiest country in the world. When the United Nations came out with a report with happiest index report in 2012, Demark was top in the list. Malene Rydah suggest three ways which are termed as The Danish way to plant seeds of happiness in your life:-

The first thing is trust. In Denmark, 80% of people trust each. There, the trust level is so much that even babies can be left alone on the street side of the road. If we want trustworthy people around ourselves, the first thing is we should be a trustworthy person as much as we can show trust in others. It starts at the elementary level. Do what you say and say what you can do. She says," Trust is actually a choice made by each one of us every day." Trust even to yourself, show trust in yourself.

The second thing is the freedom to become you. She says Danish children are given the education to develop a personality. They are taught that no matter what the role is, it's important to society. Do not judge someone but encourage them for what they do. In Denmark, Danish people even respect the garbage picker. If you don't plant this seed you won't be happy. It doesn't actually matter how long it takes your seed to grow, what matters is that you have to come closure to becoming you. So what can you do? Find out yourself and your dream and plant the seed.

The third one and the last one is:- Finding the purpose. It's actually related to the second point. Doing the thing that passionate you. Planting the seeds of the dream gives you a feeling of purpose. Doing something that you love to do. Doing things what you don't like brings a lack of purpose. So what can be done? You can find that purpose and start living it.

So these are three seeds of happiness


Be the solution. Don't wait for a solution to come to you. Be a trustworthy person, encourage what others do and find happiness. Start with yourself first. Don't be part of the problem be part of the solution. It's on you to choose to be part of a solution or problem.


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