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Expectations from Emotions

Have you expected something from someone? And answer will be yes. We expect somethings from everyone. Hence, expectation arises from emotional connection with someone.

Emotions are very dangerous element in our body. If you have it in abandons, you either suffer from it or enjoy because of it. Today, I will talk about a people who suffer from it.

Psychology in their term says that their Emotional Quotient(EQ) is very weak and people like us i.e. in words of common people, its he is not emotionally strong. But I have one doubt. What is mistake of the person with weak EQ if he gets emotionally connect to other person having strong EQ?

I think that person understands more on maintaining good relationship whether love or friendship or parent-child relationship. I think that person can take life of someone or can give up life for someone.

But they expect something in return, They expect same amount of love, and everyday interaction from person for whom they made promises from themselves that whatever situation arises, they won't leave them ever. And that's the biggest fault they make in their life. When such expectations are not fulfilled they get hurt. Some show some do not. People with little strong EQ don.t show but people with weak EQ show it quickly. They believe sharing of happiness and sadness with everyone with whom they are emotionally connected. They trust easily on people. These peoples are more loyal then normal peoples. They have the capability to read others emotions without seeing them and that what makes them special from the rest of the world.

But now what to do, because world either stays away from such people or maintains some distance from such people or ask them to make themselves strong. It's not about changing a t-shirt, It is about changing your emotional quotient which is a natural thing gifted by almighty to them with some extra powers. This is about changing the whole emotion enzyme excretion system of their body. It is not a cup of cake activity for them nor you can do operation and change it because its intangible in our brain. It's not like a petrol where you. if put extra in your vehicle can remove it. If it is forcibly tried to remove it, it affects their health which even can be fata for them.

Understand one thing in life (people with strong EQ), be friendly with them and understand them, support them and surely you will see speedy recovery in them,


Never ask them to change emotionally because that is very sensitive to them and one day you will be at their position and they will forget who you are and never remember you. Love them as they are and for sake of humanity try to fulfil what they want to sake their healthy life.


You ,yourself think about it.


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