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Friendship - An asset

Who are friends? My answer is whether good or bad, they show a real face. By the word bad, I mean for them it may look bad, but not for their life. And good means, caring, loving and trustworthy. Friends are those who stand with another person every time in their bad and good days. They share happiness and sadness with each other because they trust them blindly. They never trigger the weak points of other person but heal try to them. They love each other selflessly.

But today's world is selfish. They connect with people for a motive in life. Might be that person will be helpful to him/ her in the future. You know this the problem of this world. You see the friendship of old people. They are so strong. They sustain for years. Do you know why? Because their friendship was real. They are not addicted to modern culture to being selfish and think about our own motive.

I don't understand why people do that stuff. Why people don't give 1 hour to their every friend in 24 hours. Now you all have prepared an answer in mind.- "We don't have time". You all give importance to your family members. Aren't your all friends external family? Yes! You all are so bored in your life, that you are bored with this bond also. You think, who cares to message. But that person was waiting for your message This is your friendship? Again people will have an answer -"Don't keep expectation with anyone." But why this line came into the existence. Why was such a quote made? Why the quote maker got the opportunity also to make the quote.? Ask your grandfather, have they heard about any such line in their age. The answer will be No.

This world is moving from a good era to bad era and you all feel this as a good era where you have freedom to do anything, "even hurt someone who loved you, who loved you." You break his trust. You won't be affected, that person's life is getting affected. You never know his/ her emotional quotient. If a person has extreme quotient, he can even go to depression and if he suffers more, he will commit suicide. Who will be responsible for his death? YOU.

Keep friendship as an asset, not convert that into a liability.

Be the reason for his smile.

Be the reason for him to live life.

Be pure from heart and mind.

Share with your friend who needs to understand this.

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