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How Nita Ambani became the wife of Mukesh Ambani.

Updated: May 15, 2022

Back in 1984, a young girl named Nita part in Annual Navratri Dance Bale win Mumbai which was for Gujarati Community. She was taking part in this since her childhood. She was not aware that while she was dancing, someone was watching her. In Mid of October the phone rings she picks up the call and the caller identifies himself as Mr Dhirubhai Ambani. She thought it was a prank call by someone so she keeps the call down. Again the phone rings, she picks up the phone and again the person identifies himself as Mr Dhirubhai Ambani. She asked him in little rude way, not to call again and stop the prank call. She got a little agitated at that time. The third time when the phone rang she didn't even bother to pick up the call but here father picked up. His father's expression changed suddenly, covers the place from where we talk by keeping a hand on it and ask her," Can you talk with him politely?" At that time even Mukesh Ambani was unaware of what was going in the mind of his father because at that time he was completely focusing on Patal Ganga and the career. Dhirubhai Ambani at that time was a matchmaker in the real sense that time. Once he called her in the office. But Nita was not unaware that he wanted her as his daughter-in-law. She had a doubt but was not a clear shot. She was actually more excited about having to meet up with him in his office. Dhirubhai Ambani's warmth and simplicity and the way he greeted her to build up an instant repo between him and her. After a few months, not much later, he invited Nita Ambani for dinner. The doorbell rings and Mukesh Ambani opens the door. That was the first time he saw her and that time his heart was in mouth seeing a beautiful lady. But yes, he wanted to see that their values match. He wanted to make sure that they think alike and their thoughts match. In one of her interview, Nita Ambani said that she like his humanity and soft-spoken nature. One secret of Mukesh Ambani is that he takes a bit little time to open up. He was somewhat an introvert person at that time. But he is a very intense person. He believes in a long-lasting relationship. He opens up to very few people and that aspect of him that she found enduring. Every day, he was busy building a polyester plant in Patal Ganga which is 3 hours from Mumbai, and when he came back in green fiat car he used to take her for pav bhaji on the streets of Mumbai because he says at 11:30 pm the best place to eat is outside the room. He was very ardent in his wowing. Every morning he used to send red roses. That shows that he was even romantic and whatever he did was not a strategic decision, but from the heart. In November at last Mukesh Ambani but this propose was done very cleverly. They were driving on Peddar Road, one of the busiest road in Mumbai and it was 8'o clock in the evening, a peak time for traffic and suddenly he stopped the car and asked her, "Will you marry me?" She looked at him and said, "Maybe". He asked her," Tell yes or no, that too right now." People were shouting on the road. The cars were honking but he just won't move. He wanted to know the answer at that time itself. Nita Ambani asked him a question like if she said no to him what he will do. He simply replied, "He won’t ask her to step out of the car but like gentlemen, he would drop her to her house and would be good friend. This was an official propose and Nita said him yes after 2 hours.

The rest is history and you can see they are happily married.



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