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The Start of my journey

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

Hi all! How are you all? Hope you all are safe and healthy. This is my first blogging website. Every Saturday at 7'o clock in the morning, you will see my new blog. For that, you need to add me on your mailing list. I hope you lockdown is going great.

Do read the full article below:

My journey of this blog website was very hard. I had in my mind to create a website. But I didn't know-how to create it from coding. My brother showed me a website to learn CSS, Java and HTML. I had already learned HTML from him. Only left were CSS and Java. I learned CSS but Java came on stand by and I lost the hope to create my website. But finally, I saw one ray of hope of one of my sir. His status," Learn website without coding and I joined him and from that time my life transformed and sat in a train from nothing to be and learn something.

From June I started working on my website. I started my Instagram journey in April. This was the fifth time I made a new account and started from Zero. I deactivated all my four accounts and lost my friends too. But I am a creative human and I started working on my talents. One of them was photography. I just concentrated on photography and in no time I reached 100, my 5-year-old dream just in 1 month and now you can see it's 950 as on 14th August 2020.

Also, my college professors and madam helped me a lot in developing my knowledge and one of teacher paid for me for one of the course, I also started to learn on LinkedIn learning and soon I got 44 certificates in my hand by 1st week of June itself.

After getting 500 followers very soon, within 3 months, I thought to make a photography website. But then I also wanted to create a blog where I wanted to write on whatever videos I saw and whatever I read. So I created a second website. But my sir asked me to combine in only one website and hence I combined here. There were a lot of rejections sometimes due to looks of the website and sometimes due to styles. I had changed my website 5 times and now it's finally ready after a lot of practice and research.

Meanwhile, I also joined a small team where I learned a lot of things about Microsoft office 365 apps and somewhere learned self and then I took lectures on it. I am also involved in designing other's website and marketing flyers/posters of the products. Also, my business Documentation work is in progress.

Very soon I will create my own chatbot and app and launch it. In this month of August 2020, I will enter the 1k family on Instagram and LinkedIn

I believed I can change the world. I believed I change my habits, my personality, my nature and attitude to be a better human being..I am climbing that steps which take me to the heaven and soon I will convert myself into a good businessman, a good person, a good son, a good friend, a good brother and a good human and live a happy and organised life. Soon from something I will have everything. I am very happy that my one dream is fulfilled and excited to bring my website out to you all.

Things you will see on my blog:-

  1. Leanings from TEDx videos.

  2. Poems that are written by me.

  3. Articles on a topic or a person

  4. Thought for the month on 1st Saturday of every month

Things you will find on my website:-

  1. Instagram feed in About me Section which is connected to my Instagram. So if I post anything on Instagram it will be updated here on the website.

  2. Forum- A place to discuss (need login/signup)

My first post will come out from 15th August 2020 on the occasion of Independence day.

So do add me to your mailing list. Like, share and comment. Give you valuable feedback too. Connect me via Instagram, and LinkedIn.

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