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Satya Nadella- His journey to CEO

Another Indian Person who took the position of CEO in a foreign company. The Company name is Microsoft and the person whom I am talking about is Satya Nadella.

Microsoft was in a hunt to replace its long time CEO, Steve Ballmer. During those days, Microsoft was facing a heat throat competition from Samsung & Apple and Microsoft sales were gradually falling down. Microsoft was searching for a deserving person who can increase it's the sales of product and services and only one name came up in the mind of the board was one and only "Satya Nadella". Satya Nadella was calm, focused and intelligent Executive Vice President of the Cloud & Enterprise Group in Microsoft. He was born in Anantapur district in Andhra Pradesh and was brought up in Hyderabad. Through a young age, he was engaged in building tasks and enhance the lives of people through technology development. He completed his Bachelor's from Manipal Institute of Technology in India. He, like other engineering graduates, left for the USA to complete his M.S. in computer science from the University of Wisconsin. He also studies MBA from the University of Chicago. He joined Microsoft in 1992 after working with Sun Microsystem for a while. There he led many important projects which were related to cloud computing. Much later, he became the became Vice President of Research and Development for their online services division and gradually he also became Vice President of Microsoft Business Division. He was responsible for the change in the technology from the client services to cloud services. After he took the chair of Vice President of Cloud services, he played an important role in increasing revenues of the cloud services from $16.3 Billion to $ 20.3 Billion. Naturally, due to his contribution to the company's growth, he was going to be chosen as the CEO. On Feb 4, 2014, Satya Nadella was chosen as the third CEO of Microsoft from all the divisions and ensured to tale Microsoft Up and High exponentially.

He was a die-hard lover of cricket like other millions of Indians. He played cricket for his school team. He says that all the leadership and team management skills that he possesses are the results of being a part of the school cricket team. He has been working in Microsoft for the past 29 years and during his tenure, Microsoft rose to greater heights.

Satya Nadella grew up in his career because of his hard work and dedication. He, like every other leader in the world, is the motivational and influential leader to young and budding entrepreneurs across the world.


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