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Swami Ramdev- Ek Sangarsh

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

Cast system, ignorance, illiteracy in name of God. Whatever the masked people i.e. saint says is final. People don’t dare to even question these people. Govardhan Maharaj used to spread wrong information, divide people in the various cast, rule on them and run their business. Punishment. These systems are punishment for Indian society. People are unaware of real teaching of God and these saints take undue advantage of this. But the lady was intelligent, she decided that she will give birth to a child and she gave birth to the child by name Ram Krishan.

Govardhan Maharaj says that blind beliefs come from inner fear. No one dares to question any saint because of inner fear. Whatever they said is final. The people are ignorant. Whatever these people say is true according to people. These types of people are very cunning.

If someone tries to question them and tries to expose them, they punish them. Saints believe that cast system, inequality are created by them and put this in their mind long years ago with hard work and if someone tries to break it, they will be punished

They believe that God is for high cast not for low cast. The child was abused and punished with family. Again, and again they were mentally tortured, treated like slaves. They were also restricted from taking water from the pot. He told, “A lamp if lighten removes darkness in a small place but not everywhere and it’s temporary. Moon is there in the sky to remove darkness but the darkness of night will still stay”. And this darkness in the mind of people has to be removed forever from India to remove discrimination on the basis of the cast. They praise Maharaj for tearing the prescription of medicines and insulting them.

They were kept illiterate and barred from getting education also. Govardhan Maharaj tries to restrict Ram Krishan from entering in school. But due to his goodness shown by saving a small child of the collector, he was allowed to get an education, but they're also he was mentally tortured by children of higher status by word monkey and thief. He used to come after school hours to learn from his master. He even became sweeper. His friend Satpal. He when to school at night and was able to write OM in Hindi on the blackboard. People who get education does not value its importance whereas those who do not get value it. Every people have the right to take education who want it and who value

One time he was forced to give up because of the problems face by his family. Ram Krishan asked his mother, why backward class are backward? Why they are not allowed to take education? Why are they restricted everywhere and is so we will always be backwards? then his mother said to him, “Water never stops flowing even after hurdles. See the water, it flows through there is a hurdle. It knows to make his own way and cross hurdles and keep flowing. Concentrate on what you want; problems are just hurdles.” Problems and issues are part of life and these are just hurdles, do not get disturbed by such hurdles, just concentrate on the goal you want to achieve. it. The boy explained all that Krishna was also Yadav, a backcast, then why all say him pure, he is also impure when he was not allowed to be Krishna in a drama show.

A person does not have the right to choose his profession. A person born in a farmer’s house has to be a farmer only. His father was also the prey of such blind beliefs and hence he believed Maharaj. He was beaten up by his own father by reason that this is only our status, but his mother and brother supported him a lot. Cast system, inequality has inculcated in the minds of people that whatever their ancestors choose a profession is what they have to take. They don’t have the right to choose their own liked field. Ram Krishan want to study to become a doctor but he was not allowed. In the later stage, his father also started supporting him seeing his dedication towards work whatever he did. But society didn’t accept it and used to make faces.

In one of an episode, the collector helps Ram Krishan to get admission in school but using the term backwards class. He helped him no doubt but still followed Govardhan Maharaj. Even today fear of exam, reservation in every field- job, education or travel, everything is done on basis of cast and we have to follow because it is an obligation to be followed by law made by people representatives

No work is impossible, work hard with dedication and you will get success. Ram Krishan, in the morning, did farming, then went to school after school hours and studied, made the pond to store water after coming from school and helped his mother to make food. Today he is swami Ramdev baba whom we all know. He had seen a dream in his eyes and he wants to achieve it. So, he worked hard. If someone has a beautiful dream than work hard and try to achieve it with dedication. You will achieve it.

Ram Krishan had dreams in eyes. He wanted to achieve something. He was on a mission. He was aware of the wrong things, but people didn’t listen to him. He had a lot of question in his mind. So, he decided to leave his family members and went to find answers. He sacrificed his mother’s love and home to get a proper education and enlighten. He went to Kanpur Gurukul on his own and learned every art and language.

He had lots of questions in his mind. His mind was unstable and so he used to roam here and there. Once a saint caught him at outskirts and ask what questions he has and in return gave a superb example and explained to him where are the answer to his questions. He asked where ram Krishan can see him. Ram Krishan gave some answers like, ‘in front of him’, and ‘in his eyes’. But saint said to him that, Rays of light fall on him and that rays create an angle which goes in eyes of Ram Krishan. He creates a saint’s image in mind and so he can see him. That means Ram Krishan sees saints in himself. Every saint and even Acharya said him the same thing. Similarly, the solution to every problem is in self. We just need to find it.

In all episodes, we see his friend Satpal was always with him. He was so happy that he went to school for the first time. From childhood, he was with him. He helped him whenever he was in any trouble. He was with him in bad and good times. Choose people who are with you in good and bad times as friends, who stand with you always and who is clean by heart because these people contribute to 60% of your personality.

The economy is running by people. People give direction to the economy. If there is politics on the basis on cast or discrimination on the basis of cast, if there is inequality between people’s development than economy won’t develop. British rule over us by imposing western education system, Religion monks and saints’ rule over us by imposing us the cast system and their religion rules on us, political people rule over us by using cast system as a weapon. So, at the end we are divided. There is strength in unity.

Govindji the Guru of Ram Krishan and other students for other activities broke the rules and principles of Gurukul and went to steal their food grains in the police station by climbing walls. Acharya was caught them and explained to them that stealing is not a good thing. Further, he said that if Guru will do such things than what values will he teach to students. This stealing though was though for bringing their food grains, but was a crime and because it was Emergency period that time Govindji could come in serious trouble. Make yourself in that way that you want to see the world. Giving suggestions is very easy but you will be questioned whether you follow the same or not and if you don’t follow then you will be asked to follow first and then give suggestions.

Keshav has the ego and bad attitude that he was the best student of the gurukul. Whenever Ram Krishan and Bal Krishan used to solve any issue with their intelligence or perform best in activities, he used to get jealous. He used to harm Ram Krishan in the best possible way he can. This jealousy dragged him towards bad intention and got into bad company of Chaudhry. He was used by this cunning inspector for his self-motive. Jealousy changes the character of the person. It leads to bad politics and at end corruption. Instead of being jealous of the development of another person, try to learn and improve yourself from that person.

Keshav and one more student had a fight when they were practising sword art. So, Acharya sang a motivational song called This is the large India which gave guru to us, this is the country India who is the prosperous one. This boy listened to it when his mind was distracted and Acharya asked him to take a break and give food to cows. He applied it when all villagers took the stone in hands and they were going to commit a crime by throwing it on police and made people cool down and even Govindji. Whatever you learn will be used somewhere in life. If you learn well then you will use in good purpose and be a good human and same applied to bad learning and wrong learning.

Keeping patience is the biggest challenge these days. We had seen the difference between Acharya and Govind Maharaj and their patience level. Govind Maharaj of Kanpur Gurukul lost his patience and has to lose his life. He took violence way to teach Chaudri inspector a lesson, despite repeated warning from his Acharya. His Acharya and Ram Krishna were intelligent and had a lot of patience. They found solutions to all problems despite all problems pointed them with great patience If you control your patience, you are able to control your mind or else others will control you. You will become like a toy and people’s key is just provoke. You to lose your patience and thus gave your life control in their hand. Bad situations come and go. But if we go for violence to handle it than we may lose everything, sometimes life.

Change in life is necessary. Pradyuman says him that he now needs to go to another gurukul to take higher education. But Rama Krishan loves this gurukul. So, Acharya Pradyuman said, “Man should accept the new path whatever life offers and the changes it brings with a true heart while keeping love and affection alive.”

The sunsets every evening but you will never see it worry about it because he believes that he will rise again and light up the world. If a person finds himself, if he can get in touch with himself, this is his biggest journey and this is his highest duty

Gurukul is that holly place ground where the soul with good karma gets wisdom, greatness in being humans, a divine atmosphere and via the help of a trained teacher he gets an education and that makes his life as stable as a tree. Religion places and Gurukul is the place that turns everyone into a diamond and you are the one who can carve the diamond. These places are heaven and it has been created by our ideals and principles. You will find the answer to your questions within yourself. Gurukul is the place for questions, but you will need to write you future yourself. Book called – the light of truth was given by a monk. If the entire nation emulates these gurukuls then they will once again become the heaven we’ve heard about in stories.

Practice and dedication make everything possible. Ram Krishna wants to take part in competition at Haridwar’s Mahakumbh were he has to hold his breath in underwater for a long time and the reason of this competition was to move people from consumption towards yoga. But he can’t, because of his facial paralysis, he can’t hold he breathe underwater for too long. Ram Krishna was upset but did not lose. He practised pranayama for 7 years and at the end, he could hold the breath for a very long time even more then Mohan. He was elected as a teacher of the gurukul. Paralysis also can’t stop him to take this skill. He did not only solve his facial paralysis but also, he was able to control breathing.

No matter what the test in life may be the goal should be the attainment of knowledge, to assess the extent of your own capabilities, to enhance the skills you possess and to always keep trying without falling prey to mental pressures and restrictions. Only then one can enjoy participating in a game or competition. The game can’t be won by pressuring anyone but through a balance of mental and emotional wellbeing. Mental and emotional wellbeing can only be attained through freedom.

It is a good thing that we are happy with our victory. But the true victory is defeating negativity in us and become a good human being. Rejoice in your own victory, not over the predicament of others.

A person who is devoid of supreme knowledge and manners, they are neither respected nor valued by society. On the other hand, those who have proper manners and knowledge of their reputation and dignity in never tarnished in society.

The opportunity to learn is important not the institution which it provides

Respect for someone should be from the heart. If you do not respect that person then there is no point in touching someone’s feet.

It is one of the bright sides of the man’s character to keep his word.

Ability, devotion and efforts, can turn an impossible task possible.

The grew from a small seed and this tree is a huge form of that seed. Like in this seed there is a tree, similarly, there is immense knowledge in the human mind and education is the medium, by which it can be told. Education is a process by which you can better yourself from yourself. Today’s education system is the one which is already known and seen. But for the best education if best preordination, best environment, best training and trainer is obtained then the unlimited possibilities which you can be seen and then an ordinary human being rises to be a hero and then to be a superhero.

If you want to conquer the world you need to conquer yourself. You need to understand the importance of self- contest rather than competition.

Whoever comprises on every task, he needs to put extra effort to reach his goal. But one who is capable doesn’t get victimized nor does he comprise. Instead, he enjoys his journey, his goal and makes his dream into reality.

A person can run from others, but how long can he run from himself. The willingness a person shows in running away from problems, instead show should the same willingness to face them.

Corruption is increasing in the country. The rich are getting rich and the poor are getting weaker. The helpless middle class is caught between the two. Bodily ailments and sometimes the ailment of corruption both of these things are destroying the middle class.

In this country, there are thousands of children who not have access to education. Nothing can be done in this environment of poverty. Business people get their work done and these children earn some money that is enough for a meal.

Path of truth is difficult, but not impossible.

Yoga gives you energy and so you do not get tired and lose the efficiency of work.

Patience is always rewarded. Don’t lose hope, one day you will succeed definitely

There is nothing called magic, some people try to make money from people by misleading them. For them, religion is a business. Those who try to raise voice against them are not spared and they are insulted in society. Superstition is the biggest thing weak people seek comfort for in, and the society riddled with superstition can never progress. And this gives birth to such peoples. Leprosy is not a contagious disease or sin. It can be cured.

Cleanliness leads to a happy and healthy life. For this, our locality and our country should be clean. People throw garbage in the area and live like animals, not human beings. You have a chance to live a better life like humans if you keep your surrounding clean

To endure offence is worse than doing the crime. Almighty won’t help a person who won’t help themselves. Alcohol makes you and your family life miserable. It leads to violence towards women and children

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