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WhatsApp Startup Stories

WhatsApp was founded by two friends names Brian Acton and Jan Koum. WhatsApp nearly has around 1.2 billion active users that chat around more than 500 million messages daily. Bran and Jan their time, blood, tears and sweat and money for making WhatsApp, the most sort of company of the world. Tan was born in the rural areas of Ukraine. It was not easy for him to live because he was Jewish. This was the Soviet Era. He had to live in a house with no electric connection. Ukraine is a country which has a temperature below zero degrees. He did not facility for having hot water for drinking purpose. Even they did not have mobile phones because they could be tracked by the government. They had to go through regular hardships as well during those times. So, to put the end to this, he, his mother and his grandmother shifted to Mountain View, California in 1992 where they got help from a social support program. They got two small bedroom apartment. Jan started to learn computer networking by reading manuals. At the age of 16, he worked as a cleaner at a grocery store and his mother as a baby sister. In no while, things started to be normal, but suddenly tragedy happened in his life. His mother was diagnosed and cancer was detected. But he always believed, whatever tried to kill you, made you stronger. Within two years he made himself ready to take his next job in the field of computer networking. He got interested in coding and hence enrolled himself at San Jose University along with that he also started to work with Ernst and Young as a security tester. After six months Jan got his biggest opportunity in the life and got a chance to work at Yahoo as a infrastructure engineer. Jan was happy with the job he was offered and so he decided to take a drop from his college and moved ahead with the job. He was left alone when his mother could not fight cancer and dies in 2002. But later his friends Olsen and Bran used to often invited Jan to his house to remove his aloneness. They played Soccer and Ultimate Frisbee. They went together to Yahoo for 9 years. During this time they were able to take numerous knowledge and experience. In Jan 2009, he bought an iPhone and realized that the seven-month-old app store was in the process of launching the whole new range apps. From there he got an idea. All thought this idea was on initial stages, they were very clear about the three rules namely: No Advertisement, Excellent customer services, No storage of messages(Privacy).

Jan quickly got the name," WhatsApp" and incorporated it on his birthday, i.e. 24th Feb 2009 in California. But after launch, they realized that WhatsApp got stuck and crashed at a particular point of time and this problem continued for a long duration and that created frustration. At one particular point of time, Jan lost the hope and wanted to quit it. But Bran helped him to get motivated. He asked him to wait for a few months. After a few months, help came from help Apple that they rolled out push notifications. In October 2009, Bran Contacted his Yahoo old friends and raise $25000 in seed funding. From there he got the title of Co-founder. By early 2014, WhatsApp witnessed tremendous growth of 430 million users and 50 billion messages send and received per day. At that time, they had only 55 employees serving the millions of people each day. Later in February 2014, they(Facebook) declared they were acquiring WhatsApp in a deal of $19 Billion which was the highest acquisition of that time. They were also offered position in Board member.

From this story it we learn that not capital dumping and marketing will give you benefit. It is about quality of product and services that will drive customers without paid publicity.


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