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Golden rules for Great Leadership by Matt Beton

Updated: May 15, 2022

Leaders are not born but made. They work on themselves, they follow their mind and mind. There are very few people who turned out to be good leaders in the world. Great leadership is not all about IQ. Leadership is not about getting a job title like CEO or MD of the company. There have been so many people who failed in leadership position though are very intelligent Most of the great leaders did not have the privilege to be born in high-class society nor did not have access to education. The question is what do great leaders have in common?

The first one is the connection with people. Great people have very strong and good connections with the people, they carry on with them. There are three pillars required to get connected with people- Self-reflection, self-regulation and self- perception are very important to be a good leader. Self-reflection is not possible without self-regulation. You need to know how to control your actions and emotions that come out due to some circumstances, some situations. All have an ego but sometimes it is essential to take a tactical bruise of the ego for the betterment of the organization. Your perception of yourself has to be as close to other reality. If you are going to be disconnected, if your views on yourself don't match with others then you won't be able to connect to your team and lead them. You, then can't expect your team to follow you on your path. For that, you need to know about yourself, who you are. Another thing to connect to people is the creation of climate. Create an open environment for everyone so that they can put their creative ideas for the development of an organization. If you create an environment then you may have more chance of getting connections.

Then, the second one is vision. Nelson Mandela once said, "Action without vision is just passing time and vision without actions is just a daydreaming, but vision with action can change the world and what he did . Give your people a destination, give them the vision so that they can reach that point. Give them challenges and motivate them to complete it. Draw what you need to do tomorrow or a few years hence, where you want to reach in future and make an action plan. Make sure you follow it and review it at regular interval.

The last one is passion. A leader without passion and enthusiasm lacks credibility. They're like any other emotions. Belt your passion, just don't speak. Do it and show people your passion. Actions speak louder than words. But passion comes only by mindset. These great leaders you know today do a strategic rehearsal. They've all imagined reaching the goal in the mind. They have tasted and felt every step and have gone through it more than 20 times. So, great leaders are bold enough to be the people who they are not the people that think they ought to be.

You develop yourself and there comes a tipping point when you develop others and while doing that you're happy. You're happy to give the people the glory of success and that's where you get the high-performance team and this is called Great Leadership


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