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Impossible to I'm possible by Sparsh Shah

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

All of us have heard about Sparsh Shah. His life was very complex like a piece of complex machinery or complex formulas. For him, difficult things were much possible to do but he can't even stand and walk. He was born with Osteogenesis Imperfecta, a rare and incurable disorder that causes a person's bones to be extremely fragile. He had 35 fractures during his birth and hence, he was immediately taken to the intensive care unit. Doctors said that he would not able to survive for more than one or two. But his parents didn't lose hopes and he survived. In fact, he had 130 fractures to date. His body is filled with multiple screws and rods. Still, he converted the word "impossible" to "I'm possible" despite all these problems. He followed just Four simple steps-

  1. Find your passion- For some years, he had a very rough life but then new doors opened, a passion for music. At the age of six, his parents enrolled him into Indian Classical Vocal Training. But latter along with it, he also started taking American Vocal lessons and therefore increased his versatility in singing even more.. But he became an artist at age of 10 where he wrote his first song "This love will never fade". Since then he wrote 11 more songs.

  2. Never hold yourself back- He once heard a rap song called "Not Afraid" by Eminem and it got stuck to his chord and was so inspirational to him that he made his own version only. Who would say that the person who had slim chances of survival would go and sing the songs one day? He made a rapper name "Purhythm" - Pure + rhythm, as he did not follow or was a fan of any such person. "Ragarap" Fusion of Indian Classical music and Hip- Hop. For that, he got 55+ million views on the internet and was on the cover page of so many celebs This song got viral like wildfire and because he decided not to sit back and he went to display his musical talent to the world.

  3. Help others- He worked with a non-profit organisation and helped them raise a million dollars fund. He became an inspiration to children like him who feared for going to surgeries.

  4. Dream Big- None of the above achievements would have happened if he did not dream big and still this is not his dream. His dream is to sing between billion people one day. He wants to pursue a bachelor degree in music and get many awards and one of them is a Grammy award. I hope he will achieve one day and soon.


No matter what happens in your life in , you should never give up your passion. Sparsh Shah

Everyone in this world goes through struggles of some sort, but if he can turn Impossible word to I'm Possible why can't we?


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