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Try new things every time, you may succeed there.

Updated: Nov 14, 2020

All of us watch youtube videos of so many standup comedians and one of them is Anubhav Singh Bassi. We even see his videos. But do we know about his struggle to become a standup comedian? Anubhav Singh Bassi - a stand-up comedian was born in a village called Meerut in Uttar Pradesh. He believes that in school not only education is important, but also extracurricular activities are important and therefore he used to participate in such activities. He participated in each and every competition that happened on stage. He wanted to explore everything and that's what he did. People have plans about what they want to do in career after 10th or 12th, but this person did not know where he wanted to go in future. He thought to live in present/lets flow with the present was his life mantra. But he believed in self and he knew that he would do something in life. He knew that he can get any job based on his talents and the most important thing was that he was not overconfident. He never saw failure in his life because whichever field he entered he used to get success only. The first-ever failure he saw was when he was rejected in the Indian Army. He even appeared for UPSC and Law Exams. But there also he failed or backed out because he felt bored in studying those subjects. He even did the job in a company but there also he left because he was bored of doing the same task. He even did his own business but that also did not work out to be successful. He felt guilty that he did not have any plan. He was so frustrated from this that he went into depression. He even did not come out of the room for about 3 - 4 months. He even tore off his poems which he had written thinking that all these kinds of stuff are useless. But in mind, there was a thing where he was not a failure and he had to do something else because whatever options were open for him, he had tried everything but could not find success. He again started his Law Course. Side by side he started doing Stand-Ups, but he did not realize how did it start. He used to travel a lot, sit as an audience for long hours, etc. Fortunately, a time came where he finally became a Famous Stand Up Comedian. In his speech TEDx-RGNUL, he says at least do one thing that, make good friends. There is a lot of pressure in today's world on the parent's side of society and social media pressure on us that we are stuck between these two. But friends are those who help us and motivate us during these times. Secondly, ask time from your family of some years to show them what you want to pursue. Thirdly, do not compare yourself with others. Everyone's life is different and you should do what you think you are best at. Keep seeing failure, failure does not mean that you have ended things but learn from these failures only. If you feel some depression because of failure in some field then try something new. Who knows what is about to happen next. Lastly, don't take enmity from yourself. If you are of us from yourself, no one would come to you.


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