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There is serious lack of work-life balance these days.

Lot of rush in local trains between peek hours. People push each other for getting in the train so that they reach the office on time. Huh... I am tired by just imaging it. What happened to our life? Just money, money and money. I think our personal life has just turned the JOB life. Targets by boss, it’s so hack tick! and now work from home, more work. People are not paying attention to their life and then we see them drinking and smoking outside the office premises. They are just reducing their life by this and I wonder why people want to work in MNCs for money by compromising their health. There are wonderful gardens made by government. Even huge towers have gardens for recreation but people are lazy. Just a single thing, the promotion and more money. Wow! Like they want appreciation by compromising their life. Cool. Many of them have families. For whom you earn money? Your families? Correct? Are you giving your child time, your wife/ husband that time, the quality time? No way! You even don’t eat your breakfast properly. There is serious lack of work life balance these days. But people don’t understand the seriousness of these stuff. And then they invite things life, fights, breakups, problems of sex life, no upbringing to their children. Your children don’t see you whole day except Sunday. What is this? Lack of balance between work life and personal life. Our Indian culture is not like this. We are family-oriented people. We care for our families and give them time. We have emotions, sentiments. But we have lost all these things after the western culture entering in our territory boundaries. We became corporate culture-oriented people. 9 hours of job, sleep, eat, that’s it. And Sunday, go to restaurant with family and friends. Where is our mental health in this? Are we paying attention to it? No.

What I think is Government should amend companies act 2013 for this problem. Corporate culture should change. They should reduce working load and hours. Please balance your work and personal life. I heard about life of people working in Google. Same style should be applied in every company and every nation.

We need to seriously think on this and start managing our personal and life and professional life.


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