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YouTube Startup Story

The brain behind YouTube is Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim. After Google, the most used search engine is YouTube. Chad Hurley was born on 24th January 1977 in Birdsboro, Pennsylvania. After the college, he worked in the PayPal division where he met Steve Chen and Jawed Karim. They came together and created YouTube in 2005. Char Hurley worked for PayPal till 2002 and then he quit the company and went to Silicon Valley and worked there as Consultant. Meanwhile, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim continued to work there for two more years. Once, Steve Chen organized a party and where he and Chad recorded the video on Camcorder and Distell camera. But they were unable to send the video to their friends because of the file size. It was then, they came up with an idea where people can share these videos irrespective of the file sizes. They wanted to do something for videos like Flickr which is a place where you can share photos. This gave birth to YouTube. Then a team together to create an design logo and a good a name. Chad Hurley was the one to suggest this name and logo and finally, on 14th Feb 2005 the YouTube was created and the sneak peek was offered to interested parties in May 2005. At that time, only 8-10 employees worked but without a salary. Unlike other startups, they offered work from home. However, the potential Youtubers had to wait for 6 months to enjoy the site freely. The first video was upload by Jawed Karim on a topic," Me at the zoo "which was 19 seconds long YouTube became a great success later in September 2005. YouTube got it's first 1 million hit views. The video was about Nike advertisement which went completely viral. Later in secured funding of $3 .5 million from Sequoia capital and made an official launch on November 2005. In April 2006 it got $8 million funding. By July 2006 company revealed that more than 65000 videos were uploaded daily every day. It slowly became the 10th most popular website in the world. In 2006 itself YouTube achieved a million and that millstone was that it was got acquired by Google because of such a fast growth rate of the website for a price of $].65 Billion which was the second-largest acquisition at that time. In May 2007, YouTube launched the payment system to people for their viral content. This was the time when YouTube turned people's passion into profession. In August 2007, Google rolled out YouTube Ad to earn from advertisements. 600 hours of content every day and more than 7 billion videos viewed every day, YouTube has become the greatest technetium of all time.


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